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[S09E26] The Last Problem

"Star won't let the moon go…"

I think I am a bad bug, for enjoy bully our moon princess by throwing the ruling job at her. XP
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Honestly its so iffy the writers made Luna want to retire despite she just got back from the moon.
If she wanted to be with Celestia, they did not convey that reason good enough AND I am pretty sure there could have been a compromise so she could rule at least for a 1000 more years(to make up for lost time) while still being with Celestia.

Really, someone in the show should have pointed this out.
Background Pony #3F1B
Choosing to believe this is Twilight's way of shipping herself with Luna.
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Background Pony #FE5D
Luna has done more than Celestia.She helped the Filly's and other Ponys in her Dreams.I don't remember a Episode in who Celestia did something… was ALWAYS TWILIGHT AND HER FRIENDS!!!!!
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