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Here's the final part of Thorax' sweet punishment~ As the audience has decided, his sexy soles are public property now and everybody gets to play with them and hurt them as much as they like! As you can see people got both cruel and creative, using staples, cigs and markers to torture them. His muffled sobs are barely audible butt the trembling and twitching of his feets confirm that he's still responsive to stimulation. And he has to endure all that itching oil too, driving him insane in frustration even while his exposed, defenseless feetsies are used and abused constantly, usually by multiple people at a time~

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semi-grimdark28015 suggestive127990 artist:fetishsketches597 pinkie pie203228 thorax3986 anthro230345 changedling7261 changeling40103 plantigrade anthro26812 abuse6342 ass42089 barefoot24310 big feet147 blushing175819 body writing1904 bondage30325 broken horn12748 bruised1442 butt27461 clothes408973 feet34601 fetish34952 foot fetish6559 foot torture12 gag13170 horn43271 horn ring5054 humiliation1960 itching powder16 king thorax2601 magic suppression3611 male305402 male feet786 malesub3673 mummification311 painted toenails21 public1367 public humiliation455 punishment760 rear view10174 signature18879 sitting on person394 soles3531 stapler37 staples8 submissive13068 sweat22976 thorabuse13 thorass56 thoraxsub5 toe tied427 toes5427 torture747 underwear55201 wall of tags2310 whip marks476


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@Background Pony #1E3E
Sweet kissus all over his hurt body while he sobs and then gentle cuddling to help him feel safe and protected uwu

I also think getting him pretty gifts (especially stuff for him to wear) would be very wholesome. His face would be just precious as he gladly tries them on and shows off. Or showing some affection and adoration in public, I'm sure he would enjoy that too~
Background Pony #904F
Staples and cigarettes?

Yeah, maybe locking him away would have been less mean XD
Background Pony #21DE
This universe (no, not our actual universe) must be basically a crapsack world.