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UPDATED: Now with back view and quick facts on picture
Ref sheet, now on Derpibooru!
Name: Ace Play
Sex: Stallion | Male
Age: Young adult (current age unknown)
Race: Earth pony
Cutie Mark: Black game controller
Relatives: unnamed mother, unnamed father, unnamed brother
Residence: Ponyville
Sexuality: straight
Nice to others, friendly, socially awkward, shy, sensitive, a little clumsy, gentle, hesitant (sometimes), has better social contacts with mares, sleepaholic
Games, gaming, drawing, Winter, music, apples, sleeping
Feeling lonely, being hurt (mentally and physically), being a target of pranks, being insulted, noises, breaches of his peace, waking up tired, losing in games (when unfair)

The youngest of his family, Ace Play has a gamer's blood since his foalhood, as video games are his passion. He played everything he wanted to play, even if these games weren't suitable to his age.
Outside gaming, Ace Play likes to draw, and if it's sunny, going outside to "get a life".
When it comes to friends, Ace Play had hard time making friends at school, as he had nothing to say but his love of games, which he didn't want to talk about as he would feel awkward. But Ace Play had better conversation with mares rather than with stallion mates.
While he can count on his parents and his older, hyperactive brother, Ace Play still feels lonely, as he feels he didn't make any friend.

Random facts:
• He owns a Pinkie plushie.
• His favorite video game series is Caterpillars.
• He has trouble talking with other ponies physically, but almost doesn't have it when talking online.
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