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"We're perfect for each other! I'm going to make Shining Armor my very special somepony."πŸ’ž We've enjoyed this wonderful πŸ₯° romantic story. What about you, everypony?😍

("We're perfect for each other!" sounds like bait for counter-shippers who think otherwise. XD)
safe1559201 idw14149 princess cadance30171 shining armor21580 alicorn191782 pony830115 unicorn259262 neigh anything89 spoiler:comic10031 spoiler:comic1192 spoiler:comic1282 advertisement7512 balloon9516 bowtie8446 clothes402683 confetti1693 costume24481 duo48150 eyes closed78752 facebook984 female883122 gameloft4363 idw showified390 male300079 mare406194 my little pony logo3316 official6956 present5300 presentable in periwinkle1 shiningcadance2364 shipping181942 speakers635 stallion90775 straight120398 teen princess cadance717 teen shining armor36 younger15506


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