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explicit393602 alternate version61152 artist:droll3326 queen chrysalis37779 spike84635 changeling54887 changeling queen19954 dragon65755 anthro296198 plantigrade anthro39661 an egg being attacked by sperm2329 anus110387 ass61135 balls88796 big breasts97924 big dom small sub691 breasts319704 busty queen chrysalis4254 butt143646 chryspike114 creampie35741 cum88476 dock57667 egg cell2246 female1519640 foalcon19681 impregnation3498 male428849 mating press824 nipples195390 nudity424430 on back27770 penetration68434 penis175688 ponut50914 sex139066 shipping220351 size difference16822 smiling303433 spermatozoon2281 straight151688 straight shota1330 taint6246 vaginal45778


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Background Pony #9379
Our brave hero, Spike, singlehandedly stormed Queen Chrysalis’ moonbase, dicked his way through her forces, and took her down easily!