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Twitter sketch no. 38. I decided to draw Twiggie this time as she's been pretty popular in the fandom lately. #bronies #MLP
safe1691229 artist:pony-berserker840 applejack168647 rarity180528 twilight sparkle298306 earth pony243129 unicorn316989 black and white12723 cowboy hat15467 female1349188 grayscale37699 hat85606 lineart20394 mare473463 monochrome148727 pony-berserker's twitter sketches220 signature23889 simple background388318 speech bubble22909 squatpony337 trio8939 twiggie388 unicorn twilight16938 white background96364


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Background Pony #81EF
One of the most poignant explanations of "Twiggie" that I've ever seen.
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