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safe1556202 artist:lieutenantcactus39 starlight glimmer43020 sunburst5672 pony827382 unicorn257920 book30169 clothes401424 curved horn5639 equal cutie mark1359 female880465 glasses53923 gradient background10593 horn40581 male299308 mare404643 personality swap200 robe3042 role reversal1267 stallion90444


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Background Pony #A7CA
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Personality Swap

I wonder how they turned out like this. Maybe Sunburst grew to hate his cutiemark because it forced him into a life he wasn’t prepared for, which grew into a hatred of cutiemarks in general. And maybe Starlight, feeling inferior to her old friend, retreats into her studies after he leaves and finds a love for learning spells more than performing them.

Fun to think about…