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Local nerd spends his first day of freshman year making an Ogres & Oubliettes campaign.

This is Day Dreamer! The simply miracle of a child that was born in Equestria but once born was raised in Equinn Valley, or the human world. Once he became of age to process the world, Sunset would bring her son to visit her family in Equestria. He was simply Fascinated by the magical world and wanted to learn more. Ever since he was a child he loved fantasy, dragons, griffons, and everything in between. So when he found it that he was actually a descendant from a magical realm, he was ecstatic, pestering his mother about anything and everything she knew.

Sunset was hesitant on bringing her son to her original home, but due to her guilt towards her family not being able to see her for so long, let alone their new grandson, she knew she had to do the right thing, bringing him to Equestria on a semi periodic basis. She would of course bring her wife along on these visits. Though Twilight was initially very off put by the strange Equine world, she was fascinated by the magic around her. Not because of it being magic, but rather her having the ability to over analyze it with science. Was there a correlation?? she was going to certainly find out with their visits.

Day Dreamer is a prodigy when it comes to words. He can whip up the most elaborate stories in a matter of a few hours. This talent makes him a great Ogre Master in his favorite game Ogres and Oubliettes. He's a stellar writer and certainly plans to become a writer in the future, Daring Do being one of his favorite series since childhood. He's still got a bit to learn about friendship seeing as he doesn't have a group to play the game with yet, but he plans on it, OK! He WILL find a team!!

This is the first of a little series I plan on doing! going back a whole Five. Fuckin. Years. to my old next gens and seeing then VS. Now! I feel hella old yet hella proud at my progress so far! I mean. Just look at this junk.
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