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Hiroshi Seung:
Hiroshi is the machine-gunner of the group, and handles the ammunition and heavy weaponry. He used to be an engineer before the war, but he was chosen to be in the war due to his knowledge of machines and being able to do a lot of heavy lifting. He know spends his time helping to repair military vehicles.
He is a very relaxed and in control pony, who wishes for the war to be over so he can go back to his old job of being an engineer.

Fukimo Gen:
Fukimo is the medic of the group. Before the war, she was peaceful and she used to be a nurse at a hospital, but was then put into the war due to the army running low on personnel.
She is a kind and caring pony, who cares deeply for others and wants to make things better for them, but the events of the war have left her traumatised from the lives lost and the horrors seen. Is the youngest of the group.

Shiro Tai:
Shiro is the sniper of the group, and the oldest member. He is a very nationalistic pony, and he holds onto strong beliefs of his country, and is willing to give his life for it.
Always has a very firm and tough attitude, and never shows any signs of fear of doubt, no matter the situation. However, deep down he is a family stallion, who cars deeply for his family, and deeply misses them and wishes he can return back home to them one day.

Akira Hekima:
Akira is the squads leader. She is a very strong and passionate pony, who has the respect and authority of a lot of ponies, with natural born leader qualities. She is almost always seen with her gas mask (even when not in combat or in a zone where there may be gas), and rarely takes it off. This is because her face has suffered a lot of scaring and damage, and so she hides it from everyone.
This, combined with being a leader and having to be responsible for everyone, has given her trauma over the ponies lost under her command, and from having to carry so much responsibility.
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