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Meet Winter Breeze :3
She is the daughter of Minuette and Berry Punch, and is the older sister of Ruby Pinch :3

She is a very cheerful and friendly pony, and is very creative. She likes to make art and paint, and is very excitable. She also loves to express herself and her creativity in any way that she can, from how to talks to how she dresses, to how she creates things :3

Her favourite food is wintergreen berries and peppermint flavours, and she always smells of mint :)
safe1557235 artist:missroxielove11 oc595265 oc only405109 oc:winter breeze (ice1517)1 pony828391 unicorn258470 icey-verse549 boots18761 clothes401931 ear piercing20958 earring17431 female881462 glowing horn16215 grin32270 horn40739 jacket10552 jewelry49253 leather jacket2894 magic64636 magical lesbian spawn10430 mare405218 offspring33675 one eye closed24549 parent:berry punch22 parent:minuette51 parents:berrygate6 piercing33979 raised hoof38495 raised leg6536 reference sheet10785 shoes29504 smiling210736 socks55835 solo960573 striped socks18880 tanktop6595 torn clothes4234 traditional art107984 wink21223


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