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Had a sudden urge to create a timebubble family! Probably make headcanons for them later!
safe1556200 artist:cubbybatdoodles236 derpy hooves47924 ditzy doo407 doctor whooves9990 time turner9975 oc594154 oc:brown butter4 oc:hopscotch11 oc:whimsical note5 oc:wind biter4 earth pony190742 pegasus232695 pony827380 unicorn257916 colt13131 daughter533 doctorderpy1393 family3964 father526 father and child287 father and daughter2195 father and son812 female880462 filly58421 foal14656 glasses53923 male299308 mare404643 mother2145 mother and child769 mother and daughter4915 mother and son2541 offspring33634 one eye closed24515 parent:derpy hooves781 parent:ditzy doo13 parent:doctor whooves269 parent:time turner10 parents:doctorderpy178 shipping181590 son295 stallion90444 straight120172 teething ring10 tooth gap144 underp652 unshorn fetlocks21689


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Background Pony #2073
In so far as the artist is concerned, Dinky is Ditzy's and Ponet's daughter, so the most likely explanation for her absence is that she simply doesn't exist in this verse.