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So here's what Autumn Blaze has to say. Enjoy. I'm not so sure if I got her character even remotely right, but I'm also out of practice…


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Celestia's Servant
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Eat it! Ahahaha!
Not really, more some kind of Corona-isolation-depression that leeches all motivation out of me. To hell with this virus and it crippling our social life! I hope the WHO achieves the same with this scourge as they did with the pox: Worldwide extinction.

I am not sure about the temperature thingy. Considering that they can turn into Kirins that have power over fire and that they have dragon-scales, I would assume they are very heat-resistance, and as side-effect dislike cold.

On the other side, being able to summon fire kind of helps stay warm in the cold, so it may be that.