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If only Sunny could figure out who her mysterious secret admirer was, it might make her love life a little easier. Sadly, some mysteries are just never meant to be solved.

Commission from the always excellent Pshyzomancer. Posted with artist's permission.
suggestive131137 artist:pshyzomancer445 rarity172636 sunset shimmer58382 equestria girls185660 boots19542 breasts249808 cleavage31908 clothes420530 coffee cup243 commission56835 couch7321 crossed legs2862 cup5703 dialogue60280 female1274750 flirting1346 holiday16347 implied lesbian3130 implied scitwishimmer164 implied shipping4520 implied sunsarity5 implied twijack54 legs7439 miniskirt4804 monochrome143908 oblivious411 patreon11778 pleated skirt3981 shoes31696 skirt36605 subtle as a train wreck229 valentine's day3079


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Background Pony #B40C
All their exhibition is to everyone
that see's what their doing to these girls
would be peculiar and wondering why they always
keep paring them with girls within their social
circle of friends that are their best friends or
outside their party with other group of girls.
Background Pony #B40C
Yeah a lot of bronies must understand
not every girl can be a lesbian they can't just subjugate
these girls as lesbians because they don't want to put and or having
them to give a relationship with a particular guy they cant,don't,wont
like because of a various selfish reason.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Conservative Brony
Que a flash to twilight bitching to sunset about applejack who’s bitching about Rainbow, who’s bitching about fluttershy, who’s bitching about rarity.

It’s all just one big gay pile!