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Limoncello: Um UM, can I help you??
Snowy: Hmm? Oh sorry. I'm eavesdropping. I just…

[small pause]

Snowy: [looking at his hooves] I really like your writing.
Limoncello: You do?? Um…thank you.
Snowy: Your poem Whispers From The Abyss was really scary. You use a lot of good words and I had to look them up later. Like…"miasma"
Limoncello: An unsettling atmosphere or smell. Yes…I liked that word. I'm surprised you liked the story. I was scared that people hated it!
Snowy: No no, it was genuinely scary. I like how you left off on a cliffhanger. Did J.J Hayburn die? Did he find his way out? So spooky!
Limoncello: Awww thank you!
Snowy: What are you writing now?
Limoncello: [fiddles with her paper] It's a poem about a forest God trapped in a jar! Do you wanna read it?
Snowy: yES!?
LOOK AT THE LITTLE BABES! Here they are as foals

Canonically Snowy and Lemon are only friends but I'd never say don't ship them.
I can see why people would call them a couple.
All my characters are pretty Pansexual and fluid with gender and sexuality. Snowy is pretty gay and prefers men but he has had girl crushes!
Lemon is incredibly shy and a bit Bi.
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