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trying to lift my mood with some good ol' pony watching

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safe1678502 artist:piemations105 applejack167660 rainbow dash230882 earth pony238468 pony941039 the last problem5564 appledash5865 applejack's hat6831 blushing192899 cowboy hat15201 dialogue63944 duo58652 embarrassed11121 female1337974 granny smith's shawl165 hat84519 innuendo1337 lesbian95113 mare467408 mortified10 older25940 older applejack719 older rainbow dash788 shipping196517 simple background384266 smiling240850 speech bubble22558 this will end in pain1898 white background95335


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AJ is making the same face Suction Cup Man would have when presented with the most succable thing to suction cups on.
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