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During a stroll through the Library, you see Cheerilee in the middle of shelving books. You go to see if she can help you find a book, but before a word can be uttered, you are frozen at the sight of her ass. Not noticing that shes sees you staring.

Thanks again to Fernindt for commissioning me

suggestive143232 artist:mixdaponies140 cheerilee9986 earth pony249599 anthro260655 annoyed5476 ass49234 butt59194 clothes460448 equestria girls outfit2428 female1365257 flowerbutt277 librarian155 library3234 looking at you169030 miniskirt4987 panties50292 skirt39838 solo1065764 solo female179971 thick4413 thighs13721 underwear60913 upskirt5886


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Great story and would love to read more so will definitely check your profile for more written works by you! XD

Poor fella, just couldn't resist the beauty of Cheerilee's Booty.
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With your eyes so fixated on the plush, bountiful rear in front of you, you completely fail to notice the glare being directed at you by its owner.

The skirt it should be sitting under fails to cover it in even the slightest amount. Similarly the panties that Cheerilee is wearing sink so deeply into her cheeks that it's like she was never wearing any to begin with. It's a wonder that she was even allowed to walk around like this, but you weren't going to argue with the decisions of the faculty when this was your reward for staying quiet.

So deep was your distracted state that when Cheerilee (after several decreasingly polite and increasingly annoyed clearings of her throat) finally decided to get down from her ladder to admonish you face to face, you assume that she's falling.

Without thinking, you thrust your arms upwards in an attempt to arrest what you think is her fall. Your hands firmly plant themselves onto her plump bottom, with enough force to stop the irate librarians descent completely.

She's softer than you imagined, with skin like silk and flesh so plump and malleable that your fingers are hardly visible with the pressure you're exerting. You can imagine touching Cheerilee under other circumstances; ones far more intimate than this. Your grip becomes tighter, your fingers beginning to rhythmically massage her heavenly cheeks. You bite your lip, and a pressure begins to build in your pants as you begin to become erect.

The world outside is swept away by this moment of absolute bliss, this dream you never thought could become true… and just as suddenly as it began, it ends.

A stinging pain is felt across your face as Cheerilee swats at you with her tail, leaving an angry red mark on your cheek. You let go of her in surprise, and a moment afterwards there is another sting and another red mark, this time courtesy of her hand.

You look up, staring directly into the maelstrom of outrage and embarrassment playing out across Cheerilee's face. You start to think of an apology, an excuse, anything, but all you can feel is the shame and arousal at what just happened. You stammer and stutter as the world fades back in, as the laughter of your fellow classmates reaches your ears, as the knowledge that you're still fully erect and are about to be dragged to the principal's office like this in front of everyone fills your mind, but nothing coherent comes out.

Nothing, that is, save this:

"You… uh… um… pretty…?"

Those words didn't help nearly as much as you'd hoped.
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