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Getting boba with a friend while on vacation eyyy ❄️❤️❤️
#selfie #bobalife #mlp #mlpfim #friends4life
safe1690588 artist:anticular541 sunset shimmer62336 twilight sparkle298528 alicorn221478 pony952157 unicorn316524 bubble tea118 clothes453761 cold930 cup6203 cute197505 drink4788 drinking3415 drinking straw713 duo59727 ear fluff28817 earmuffs1189 female1348483 glowing horn19292 high res26998 horn64307 jacket12325 japan1226 looking at you165713 magic72440 mare473200 open mouth142535 selfie3065 smiling243766 snow13724 telekinesis27315 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122999 winter4442 winter outfit1503


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