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Getting boba with a friend while on vacation eyyy ❄️❤️❤️
#selfie #bobalife #mlp #mlpfim #friends4life
safe1678593 artist:anticular537 sunset shimmer61834 twilight sparkle296954 alicorn219099 pony941130 unicorn311828 bubble tea116 clothes449556 cold927 cup6133 cute195615 drink4733 drinking3370 drinking straw687 duo58654 ear fluff28290 earmuffs1187 female1338053 glowing horn19092 high res25421 horn62353 jacket12175 japan1215 looking at you163497 magic71846 mare467447 open mouth140417 selfie3039 smiling240877 snow13650 telekinesis27093 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122237 winter4434 winter outfit1494


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