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Getting boba with a friend while on vacation eyyy ❄️❤️❤️
#selfie #bobalife #mlp #mlpfim #friends4life
safe1769499 artist:anticular591 sunset shimmer65458 twilight sparkle308390 alicorn236061 pony1029505 unicorn350378 bubble tea138 clothes482549 cold960 cup6606 cute207960 drink5117 drinking3685 drinking straw819 duo66231 ear fluff32247 earmuffs1219 female1418230 glowing horn20936 high res34479 horn80701 jacket13427 japan1244 looking at you178485 magic76357 mare510833 open mouth158095 selfie3362 smiling266609 snow14238 telekinesis29169 twilight sparkle (alicorn)127132 winter4523 winter outfit1574


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