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Haven't been drawing a lot of pinups lately so I figured it's time to change that! Have some of Celestia in a sexy bunny suit, aka, "Bunnylestia!" She was trending a while ago in the fandom but I was too lazy to draw anything so here she is now in all her glory! She sure turned out sexy and I might try some more!
suggestive (122783) artist:aleximusprime (1287) princess celestia (87730) human (139379) adorasexy (8490) arm behind head (2026) armpits (39945) big breasts (64115) bowtie (8125) breasts (226685) bunny ears (2989) bunny suit (2044) bunny tail (137) bunnylestia (219) cleavage (29565) clothes (388840) cute (167772) humanized (92141) leotard (3978) looking at you (135425) one eye closed (23504) pinup (2576) sexy (21917) stupid sexy celestia (1377) thick (3264) thighs (6965) thunder thighs (5928) wink (20552)


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