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Haven't been drawing a lot of pinups lately so I figured it's time to change that! Have some of Celestia in a sexy bunny suit, aka, "Bunnylestia!" She was trending a while ago in the fandom but I was too lazy to draw anything so here she is now in all her glory! She sure turned out sexy and I might try some more!
suggestive126243 artist:aleximusprime1304 princess celestia89042 human139989 adorasexy7746 arm behind head2164 armpits41231 big breasts66670 bowtie8413 breasts234980 bunny ears3193 bunny suit2167 bunny tail150 bunnylestia231 cleavage30352 clothes401270 cute173383 humanized93105 leotard4084 looking at you140622 one eye closed24499 pinup2659 sexy22942 stupid sexy celestia1413 thick3429 thighs7645 thunder thighs6186 wink21190


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