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Twilight Sparkle and her friends returned to Ponyville by late night. The six ponies were all exhausted, and decided to go sit on the stairs of Ponyville Town Hall.

Twilight Sparkle: (sighs) I'm getting bored. What should we do everyone? Go to Manehattan?

Rarity: Darling, you know that the train doesn't come this late at night. It's past ten and we should be going to sleep all ready. I want to see what Sweetie Belle is doing.

Applejack: Maybe she must be with my sister or something…

Rarity: Oh, sure. She usually does that, even when we're not around. I normally say "yes" when she asks me to hang out with Apple Bloom, but sometimes I tell her "no".

Rainbow Dash: Yeah. I think Scootaloo is at home, doing chores and cleaning the clubhouse, wouldn't you say?

As the Mane Six decided to rest, the ground started shaking, with hooves were coming closer. It was revealed to be Upper Crust and Jet Set, who came to have a little fun, and decided to take Twilight and her friends with them.

Upper Crust: Well well well, I'm glad that we get to go see those flowers that could make us grow. I'm definitely happy we are big!

Jet Set: I guess you can say that you and me are the top high society ponies around now, huh? I was looking forward to see a growth effect, and look at us, we're bigger than Ponyville.

Rarity: (lets out a scream) It's them! Get outta here, now!

Upper Crust: (looking down, seeing that Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie were running away from Upper Crust) You can run, but there's no escape from me and my husband, tiny six!

Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Pinkie Pie ignored the fact that Jet Set's hoof was coming for them while running away from Upper Crust, and then picked them all up nicely.

Jet Set: Hey darling, I caught some ponies for us to play!

Fluttershy: Why are we on this stallion's hoof? He's so huge, I'm kinda afraid of these two at the way they are.

Pinkie Pie: (angered, and then lets out a shout) We are not toys! We're ponies!

Upper Crust: It's too late to say that now. Me and Jet Set are gonna have fun playing with all six of you, like dolls.

Rainbow Dash: Dolls? I don't know what the hay you think you two are planning, but I'm gonna stop this right now!

Upper Crust: Oh? How can us stop us if you're too small?

Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle: Um… We don't know

Upper Crust: Exactly, darlings. (Upper Crust levitates both Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, sending them to the spot where the rest of their friends were at, on Jet Set's hoof) Alright, let's go! Let's go have fun with these little ponies! I can't wait 'till we get really rich.

Jet Set: And then we will be the best high society ponies, even better than Fancy Pants. Let's leave. There's no one else here to play with besides these ruffians. This place wasn't any fun at all.

Upper Crust and Jet Set left Ponyville, leaving huge hoof prints behind homes and trees, which were undamaged. With this, they have captured all of the Mane Six and has gotten their dream of being rich. Their dreams reaches right for the stars.
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