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safe (1519970) artist:fidzfox (139) cheese sandwich (3493) pinkie pie (198190) anthro (218345) earth pony (180114) apron (3663) bedroom eyes (48624) blushing (167230) bread (1166) breasts (226329) busty pinkie pie (9074) cheesepie (1107) cleavage (29446) clothes (389097) egg (3293) female (845315) floppy ears (44633) flower (20555) food (57266) fork (781) groggy (12) heart (41179) husband and wife (1045) implied sex (5023) kiss on the head (26) kissing (21619) male (288548) mare (386295) married couples doing married things (150) music notes (2797) off shoulder (1132) pastry (85) pie (2913) radio (417) shipping (177002) sleepy (1390) stallion (85804) straight (117020) window (6751)


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17 comments posted
Wallet After Summer Sale -

A waste of biomatter
I'm getting the vibe of a summer Saturday morning,the night before being a fazy memory of "responsible" partying and sweet and tasty treats. Nonetheless a notable memory of the night being the passionate love making that occurred in both the living,bath and bed rooms. Being the dutiful husband He is,Cheese gets up at the crack of dawn to ensure the preparation of a proper breakfast for his wife this morning. As it is clear to him as well as to his groggy wife,their lastnight embrace will in nine months lead to the birth of their son.
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Background Pony #2C8B
Ohh, are they celebrating getting a positive that will one day lead to Lil Cheese?
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I have to ask; What is Pinkie wearing and why is she wearing it that way? It looks like it could fall off at any second. Lol … Though with the look on her face, it might be intentional. o.o
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