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safe1600525 artist:fidzfox144 cheese sandwich3701 pinkie pie205964 earth pony210857 anthro236406 apron3903 bedroom eyes53923 blushing179898 bread1271 breasts249309 busty pinkie pie9883 cheesepie1217 cleavage31842 clothes419705 egg3554 female1273131 floppy ears47163 flower23117 food63101 fork819 groggy12 heart44038 implied sex5429 kiss on the head35 kissing22780 male338548 mare432836 meme79278 music notes2979 off shoulder1207 pastry96 pie3086 radio503 shipping186268 sleepy1489 stallion95939 straight126227 waifu thief649 window7578


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20 comments posted
Background Pony #D649
Usually, I am absolutely not into anthro arts, and I can't stand those before my eyes. However, that one won its except conduit fair and square. :-)
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

A waste of biomatter
I'm getting the vibe of a summer Saturday morning,the night before being a fazy memory of "responsible" partying and sweet and tasty treats. Nonetheless a notable memory of the night being the passionate love making that occurred in both the living,bath and bed rooms. Being the dutiful husband He is,Cheese gets up at the crack of dawn to ensure the preparation of a proper breakfast for his wife this morning. As it is clear to him as well as to his groggy wife,their lastnight embrace will in nine months lead to the birth of their son.
Background Pony #2B4B
Ohh, are they celebrating getting a positive that will one day lead to Lil Cheese?

I have to ask; What is Pinkie wearing and why is she wearing it that way? It looks like it could fall off at any second. Lol … Though with the look on her face, it might be intentional. o.o