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Might want to check again, Dash.
Sorry for the long wait on this page, I've been getting too lazy lately.
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And the next time Equestria needed the elements of harmony to save the day: that didn't happen, and the villain won.
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Don't forget babs get their pacis and rocked to sleep!

I've been getting too lazy lately.
I like the honesty. But don't forget this story won't exist if you don't make it.

Normally I don't particularly like these kinds of things but this one seems exceptional.

@A Non Man
Well she's got the ability to turn them into foals, travel through mirrors, have infinite diapers, soap, shampoo, etc., interact with physical objects, and have running water and electricity in mirror-land.

I think making working food for them is trivial.
A Non Man
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Don't Call Me Brony
Ugh, I just had a dark thought.

Daffodil feeds them ghost food, but it doesn't actually provide any nourishment. As she lays them both down in the crib for the night, they see the remains of past victims, who all got turned to babies and then starved to death. Camera backs out from the crib and through the mirror into the real world as Rainbow and Fluttershy realize what's in store for them.

Then the mirror portal closes, leaving us looking at the dark, empty nursery. The end.

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I wonder what's happened to the bodies of her previous victims? I suppose she whisked them away with ghost magic.

Ah well, enjoy the rest of your lives as diapered foals, girls!
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