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Artist's comment:
I forgot to upload it last night, silly me…
Collab between me and @Antoniosketches featuring her milf oc, Golden Butt… I mean Brooch!
Hope you like it!
suggestive (121892) artist:an-tonio (1990) artist:pananovich (606) oc (583391) oc only (392388) oc:golden brooch (503) anthro (218355) unicorn (244250) ass (39538) big breasts (63566) blushing (167247) bra (13311) breasts (226338) busty golden brooch (26) butt (20252) clothes (389140) collaboration (4484) dialogue (56391) ear piercing (19570) earring (16397) female (845381) grammar error (1598) jewelry (45816) lipstick (8989) looking back (46186) looking down (6144) mare (386319) milf (7516) open mouth (115612) panties (44386) pants (11090) piercing (32115) pink bra (34) pink panties (110) pink underwear (3611) solo (938046) solo female (163122) speech bubble (19035) the ass was fat (11930) tight clothing (2032) underwear (53156)


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@Background Pony #2093
Skirts also got plenty of more benefits, like if you have a large enough plush doll, you could simply by a cute skirt that is small enough and fit it on. Should work for almost any plush.

And easy pantyshots is a bonus too ;)
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Background Pony #2093
This is why skirts are good; there's little-to-no risk of your ass getting too fat for them.

@Careless Whisper
Both An-tonio and Pananovich are primarily Spanish-speakers, with English as a secondary (or possibly tertiary) language, so grammatical errors are to be expected, but it's not a big deal if you don't try to make it one.
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A Clever Message
Then comes the awkward realization that those are her daughter's jeans, and that she's the bigger one for once.
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