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safe1557705 screencap195427 cranky doodle donkey906 doctor whooves10005 pinkie pie201581 spike74274 sunburst5688 time turner9990 twilight sparkle280096 alicorn191487 donkey1572 dragon46717 earth pony191638 pony828827 a trivial pursuit1059 baby dragon1246 beard3160 bell3662 bowtie8436 desperate76 facial hair4850 faic11233 female881887 floppy ears46021 flying33804 looking up13803 mare405471 messy mane6870 obsessed33 open mouth120729 pointing3629 shrunken pupils2344 sin of greed42 spread wings46915 surprised7923 team twipie20 tired2837 trivia trot38 twilight snapple1899 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113868 twilighting269 wide eyes16042 wide mouth4 wig799 winged spike7006 yelling2811


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