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#MLPPonyLife is described by Hasbro as a new humor-based series, the #MLPG5 movie will be a fully CGI theatrical film with new characters and is co-produced now with another studio EntOneGroup, ParamountPics & AllSpark Animation, no mention of #EquestriaGirls #MLP #MyLittlePony
safe1559156 applejack157473 dj pon-327951 fluttershy196079 pinkie pie201683 princess celestia89194 queen chrysalis31988 rainbow dash217555 rarity168294 twilight sparkle280290 vinyl scratch32047 alicorn191779 changeling39251 earth pony192025 pegasus233717 pony829995 unicorn259184 my little pony: pony life1393 discovery family966 harmony quest3 hasbro2110 looking at you141200 my little pony logo3316 my little pony: harmony quest3 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113970 youtube2170


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Background Pony #2F46
Why do people think it’s a mini series? We don’t know a lot about the 2021 movie. I’m just curious. I’m not complaining. That’s all.
Background Pony #1AAF
That is PowerPoint slide that has worked over a hundred times to appeal to investors.
Background Pony #1E35
Yep. And I think this may be an actual scene from an episode of Pony Life, since it seems to happen before or after this promotional picture: