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Anticular doodled my OC trying to eat a pineapple whole so naturally I had to finish what he started and color it. I think it turned out really well
safe1749899 artist:anticular586 artist:tikibat184 color edit7779 derpibooru exclusive29302 edit135846 oc711612 oc only465269 oc:stardust338 oc:stardust(cosmiceclipse)90 bat pony52142 pony1009985 bat pony oc18841 bat wings10032 colored19853 ear fluff31160 fangs26662 food72946 gentlemen163 male387818 membranous wings189 pineapple442 simple background408930 slit eyes4724 slit pupils805 solo1094008 stallion115651 transparent background208727 wings122990


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