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safe1615671 screencap210815 cozy glow6717 lord tirek5136 queen chrysalis33381 centaur3059 changeling42969 changeling queen13869 pegasus257285 pony883457 the summer sun setback1050 book31510 bow25831 bracer423 canterlot library63 cozybetes1165 cropped46703 crown15142 cute186261 cutealis2100 excited2756 eye contact6230 female1286139 filly61619 flying35575 foal15112 grin34629 grogar's bell434 hair bow14159 jewelry55276 legion of doom282 library3029 looking at each other17756 male343814 mare439488 nose piercing2508 nose ring2024 piercing36969 regalia17693 smiling224518 tail bow5014 tirebetes228 trio7725


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I'm out of here

Well, Tirek looks a lot like Satan, but without any information about him I might guess he was a "don't judge a book by its cover" type character, if the only information I had about him was this pic and the fact that he's from MLP.
Artist -

Flufux Corporations
If you saw this screenshot without any context or knowledge of the characters, would you guess that they're all villains? Because to me, they really don't look all that evil in this frame.