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safe1690837 artist:cottonsweets218 derpy hooves49898 ditzy doo471 pegasus285693 pony952560 blushing194957 bronybait2966 chest fluff38249 cross-eyed772 cute197539 daaaaaaaaaaaw3762 derp6750 derpabetes2628 eye clipping through hair5338 featured image876 female1348718 halfbody115 heart47716 i love you237 looking at you165742 mare473365 mouth hold17267 note578 outline1059 positive ponies497 simple background388104 smiling243824 smiling at you3046 solo1053509


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Background Pony #88A5
@Background Pony #4A28
The point of these is actually to share it with someone you care about. It's not about your relationship to the artist or even the other audience members.

It's about being able to say these things to a friend through the mouth of a pony.
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Background Pony #ABFD
These generic mass encouragements are so depressing. Neither the artist nor the character even knows about my existence. These words are empty.
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