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I thought it was so cute they actually end up together that I really felt like drawing fanart of them (it also was suposed to be a valentines day post,but waking up early for college have been really tiring and I end up delaing it ;v; )
alo I think I should have drawn them older (as they just really get together in the end of the series) but I just realized it after the line work was done
safe1879536 artist:yukinhishi5 applejack182220 rainbow dash251223 human181625 alternate hairstyle31531 appledash6937 applejack's hat10691 belt7050 blushing224269 breasts319165 busty applejack11765 clothes525565 cowboy hat20133 ear piercing32473 earring25208 eyes closed110915 female1517290 flannel421 freckles33647 hat100837 holding hands3179 humanized106313 jewelry81673 lesbian104481 lesbian pride flag455 midriff20791 open mouth179170 pants17354 piercing49266 pride2697 pride flag2321 shipping220118 shorts16122 sweatpants441 tanktop8977


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