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for anyone who happens to be having a hard time Dealing With Her cough, Lupin, cough, well that's very sad

safe (1524929) artist:gabrielcoroum (57) rarity (165158) unicorn (244186) chubby cheeks (2759) close-up (5115) deal with it (324) double chin (1211) fat (19035) floppy ears (44814) grin (31207) head (1237) lineart (18065) monochrome (142637) raritubby (859) shitposting (1176) smiling (202984) solo (938669) sunglasses (12412)


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@Background Pony #F3BC

To be fair, he already DID respond on Twitter, but I liked this stupid shitpost enough to post here too, so :P


I knew SOMEBODY was gonna make this joke sooner or later. It feels oddly… Nostalgic?
I guess you can be nostalgic for crap. :P


Ah, thank you! Glad you like, though I thought you might — I'll confess, that last drawing was pretty well inspired by your work, and your Rarity in particular. She was gonna be Equestria Girls Rarity up until pretty late in the drawing when I decided basically, actually, anthro pony sounds more fun, but like, your Rarity is there in spirit. :P

I appreciate your appreciation, and your own work as well!
Background Pony #F3BC
hey Lupin, take a look, somebody is calling you out! how do you respond?