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Name: Petrichor (Petri, Pete, Petey)
Gender Identity: Cis male (he/him)
Parents: Rainbow Dash (mother), Zephyr Breeze (father)
Siblings: Wind Chaser (Older sister)
Cutie Mark/Talent: Three raindrops in front of two gray "clouds". Talent is weather observation.
Occupation: Meteorologist/storm chaser with Wind Chaser and Skyler

Although Petri is biologically the younger sibling, he definitely takes upon the role of older brother to his sister. From the beginning Petri has been a very large, strong pony. He's confident and outgoing, while still being an immensely respectful pony. Petri storm chases with Wind Chaser and his cousin Skyler, usually as the third musketeer. He typically only goes as an extra protective measure for his sister. He actually wishes he was a weather casting pony on the local news. He's often the brains between the two mares, as their bold and tenacious personalities often need an external force to ground them.

Petri is immensely protective of his sister and of his mother and has a decent relationship with his father. Overall, Petri is the "perfect" stallion and many mares fawn over him. Rainbow Dash is very proud of her son and is quick to boast to her friends about his achievements.


Name: Wind Chaser (Windy, Chaser, Chase)
Gender Identity: Cis female (she/her)
Parents: Rainbow Dash (mother), Zephyr Breeze (father)
Siblings: Petrichor (Younger brother)
Cutie Mark/Talent: Tornado with two white feather wings. Talent is weather observation.
Occupation: Meteorologist/storm chaser with Petrichor and Skyler.

Wind Chaser was born with a congenital amputation to her left hind leg. While Rainbow Dash was pregnant with the filly, she insisted on continuing to fly with the Wonderbolts. Many ponies warned her to be careful, but of course the warnings were brushed aside. Only when Rainbow Dash got into an intense crash during a performance did she realize the importance of taking care of herself while pregnant. The mare feared that she was to lose her foal entirely. She bled for a long time, but with rest and care it was confirmed that the foal she was carrying would be born—albeit weak and with possible defects.

This has been a source of frustration for the two since the beginning. Wind Chaser inherited the tenacity and boldness of her mother, which often causes them to clash. Rainbow Dash has always felt horrible for what happened during the pregnancy, and as a result feels the need to be ultra-protective to make up for it. It's all a gesture of love, but Wind Chaser feels like as though her mother sees her as a weakling. Desperate to prove her wrong, Wind Chaser often goes out of her way to complete incredible feats even if it puts her at a large amount of risk.
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