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A new request from 'superfun'. Hope y'all like it! :)

Fed up with Trixie Lulamoon’s obnoxious, braggart behavior and constant boasting about her exaggerated amazingness, Twilight ‘Sci-Twi’ Sparkle has been looking into ways to get the blue-skinned illusionist to tone down her ego and be humbler. With the help of Snips and Snails, the purple-hued bookworm conducts some secretive research and makes the surprising discovery that Trixie is highly susceptible to suggestion anytime that she is asleep. What’s more, Snips and Snails were totally aware of this fact and claim that they have used it to occasionally pull pranks on her, such as one instance where they told her she’d wake up with an uncontrollable urge to give each of them a kiss whenever she saw them. Although she is peeved that the boys withheld this information from her, Twilight is nonetheless pleased with the development and soon works it into her overall plan. First, the young scientist invites Trixie to accompany her to the beach that Saturday. The white-haired girl is a bit surprised by this proposition, but accepts it anyways on the grounds that Twilight deserves to have some one-on-one time with ‘Canterlot High’s Most Talented Student’. However, during said beach day, Twilight gives Trixie a drink that is secretly laced with a drug that will cause the magician to fall into a deep sleep, thereby enabling the purple-skinned girl to go through with her initial plan. Sure enough, while the two girls are sunbathing, the drug kicks in and Trixie quickly dozes off into a heavy slumber, though she does occasionally move to either make herself more comfortable or to adjust her sunglasses. Taking note of this, Twilight stands over the sleeping girl, swings a pocket watch in front of her face (just in case she prematurely wakes up) and tells Trixie that when she wakes up, she will no longer be egotistical, self-absorbed, or want to brag about herself to anybody. Instead, she will be the kindest, sweetest, and humblest girl at CHS who compliments anyone she talks to. Once Trixie drowsily accepts her new personality, Twilight sets down the pocket watch and erases all memory of her presence at the beach from Trixie’s mind before packing her things and making her way to the parking lot, silently hoping that the blue-skinned girl’s reprogramming will stay in effect for a long time….

The following Monday, Twilight is walking through the halls of CHS when she suddenly stops to observe Trixie talking to Sandalwood. However, the purple-skinned girl is pleased to see that Trixie’s conditioning from the previous weekend is sticking as the blue-skinned girl is giving Sandalwood a ton of compliments about his various attributes, not once mentioning herself or her own greatness. Twilight is left feeling glad by this display, taking confidence in the fact that no one will have to endure Trixie’s former, self-absorbed personality ever again…..
safe1575749 edit117698 edited screencap56085 editor:thomasfan45199 screencap199276 trixie62155 human142141 equestria girls180239 equestria girls series28457 forgotten friendship4645 1000 hours in ms paint4880 barrette372 beach12792 beach chair396 bikini15820 brainwashing366 clothes409168 cute177412 description is relevant768 female899476 hypnosis2921 hypnotized1328 implied sci-twi91 legs6864 offscreen character29448 pendulum swing305 personality change35 pocket watch328 request3521 sleeping21732 smiling215019 solo973215 speech bubble20555 story included7763 sunbathing321 sunglasses12987 swimsuit24737


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Hey brother there's an endless road to rediscover hey sister for you still believe in love i wonder oh if the sky comes falling down on you there's nothing in this world (or in equestria)I wouldn't do because friendship is magic thomasfan45 I'm really sorry please forgive me you don't have to be a jerk about it I know you don't always grant my requests but I am now your friend so we always need to be kind to eachother like fluttershy &nd others okay?