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Starlight Resplendent is my own OC .Her name has a similar meaning to mine.She is a female Alicorn pony.

When I wanna create my own OC,I assume she is good at astronomy and has made outstanding contributions to the study of the planets.Because I am interested in the universe and want to study every stars in the sky.Her Cutie mark is three golden stars is for the same reason.(I don't know her origin, just let her live freely in Equestria)

Her kind is Alicorn .She can control gravity and move even heavy objects with her magic fast.It is a peace of cake for her .And she knows all the magic.Everyone wants their OC to be excellent,don't they ?

The body of her crown is similar with Twilight's.The seven bright gems above are of different colors.There are three big stars on the top, the top one is indigo, the other two are colored. When she wanna use magic with her crown,her magic beams start from each of the seven jewels in the crown (each of which emits its own color), then pass through the three stars in the crown,through the base of her horn, and begin to work magic.The whole thing happens very quickly,but the more stronger magic she uses,the slower speed to start magic is.

Thanks for Crystal Twilight,she helped me to improve the picture.

This picture shows a moment:
She lays on a red pillow with her crown, clutching the pillow with both forefeet.Her wings are relaxed and her eyes are fixed on me.


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