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safe1973528 artist:meiyeezhu331 big macintosh31326 gallus8447 king grover104 primrose41 sugar belle3548 griffon32922 human204090 angry32678 anime6699 beak1539 bonk200 boots28409 borrow3 borrowing3 bouquet1164 bush3696 candle6056 candle holder20 clothes560061 coat3473 column267 comic124002 confused5812 crown25015 disgrace6 female1605291 flower32847 flower vase38 freckles36563 gloves25391 gold1483 hearts and hooves day2465 hitting224 holiday28935 horn117574 horned humanization7503 humanized110245 jacket16302 jewelry91469 king246 kneeling11217 mace247 male460605 offering170 old master q504 pants19032 parody16649 plaid442 plaid jacket3 pot617 praying191 punishment1298 question mark5752 reference4740 regalia29888 rock5460 scarf28603 serenade47 shipping229998 shoes49673 snow17301 statue2834 straight159793 sugarmac942 table11302 tailed humanization3256 temple433 upset1424 valentine's day4234 vase691 weapon36674 winged humanization9516 wings175521 winter5640 winter coat145 yelling3810


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Background Pony #438C
Got it,you know the original didn’t focus on the background, it would take more time..
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