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drew this a while ago and only just got around to shading it, yuhyeet --- "Flurry? Flurry dear, grandma's here!" Velvet wandered down the crystal hallways, calling out for her grandaughter. Shining had said she was in the library studying, but upon inspecting the young filly was no where to be found. In response, she heard a faint giggle come from down the hallway. She followed it to it's source, soon reaching Flurry's room. She lightly tapped the door, pushing it open. "Can you do my maychup for me? pweaase?" Summer looked up at his cousin with beady eyes "It's "make up," silly. and okay- but you have to make sure you stay super still!" Summer nodded, giggling with delight. Flurry stood up and bounced over to her dresser, opening one of the drawers, sticking her head in and rummaging through what seemed like a whole collection of random bits of paper, charms, toys and junk. Velvet cleared her throat, and Flurry's head peaked up, sticky notes and miscalenous glitter stuck to her face. "Granny!" Flurry squealed, abandoning her search and jumping across the bed to give her grandma a hug. "Careful!" Velvet cautioned, pulling her grandaughter into a hug. "Fluwwy! my may pups!" Summer piped up. "Again, it's MAKE - UP, Summer! I'll get it in a minute!" Velvet's eyes drifted to her grandson. "Hello, Summer Ballad," Velvet said, her voice cold, "I didn't realise you would be here today." "Auntie Twili's busy, and I haven't seen Summer or Birdie for ages, so theyre here for the weekend. Birdie's out in town with mommy!" "I see." Summer looked up at Velvet with terrified, beady eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but, words failing him, he sniffed and simply waved his hoof up at his grandma. Velvet didn't return the gesture. "Right, well then - flurry, how about you and I go out for some ice cream? huh?" "Well... that does sound nice... but i want to play with Summer. I was just about to do his make up-" "Oh but flurry, how often will you get to see your dear old grandma, hm?" "Well...." "And you're really telling me, you'd rather spend time with a gross boy? doing BABY things?" "N-No!" Flurry spluttered, "I'm not a baby! I just-" "You just want to PLAY with babies?" Flurry stammered, looking down at Summer (who was at this point on the verge of tears), and then back up at her grandma. "No, no I don't!" "Good, I didn't think so! Now, let's go, we'll go out and be grownups -and I'll let you pick out ANY flavour you like." Velvet turned to the door and left, with Flurry following suit, determined to prove herself. She stole one last look at Summer, a pang of guilt in her chest, before following quick behind her grandmother. ------------- (Don't worry, shining finds summer pretty quickly after, cheers him up, does his make up, and gives him lots of hugs n kisses). yea, summer and birdie's memories of velvet are not positive. they barely ever got to see her, and each time that they did, she seemed to look down at them, or just completely disregard or insult them. Velvet sees Flurry's attachment to her cousins as a nuisance, and tries very hard to pull her away from them, and be the pony she wants her to be
safe (1524910) artist:uunicornicc (176) princess flurry heart (5991) twilight velvet (3629) oc (574748) oc:summer ballad (5) pegasus (222342) pony (799928) colt (12794) high res (19664) magical lesbian spawn (9416) male (289239) offspring (32090) parent:rainbow dash (4721) parent:twilight sparkle (6828) parents:twidash (649) simple background (325395) white background (81536)


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