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One way to make sure you've got your special horsebando's attention is to wrap all your legs and arms around him so he can't get away! And love him even if he protests!

Had a Valentine's Day pic idea I wanted to do that was both wholesome and still sorta feisty, so I made this but still ended up days late…
safe (1522422) artist:dripponi (694) artist:lattynskit (72) oc (573039) oc only (393187) oc:noxy (200) oc:windy dripper (325) pegasus (221195) pony (796964) ... (2108) annoyed (4788) bedroom eyes (48723) blushing (167666) butt (20553) crossed legs (2530) cuddling (7529) dock (41799) eyebrows visible through hair (609) folded wings (3988) frog (hoof) (9135) gay (24313) grin (31091) heart (41271) hearts and hooves day (1952) looking at each other (14858) male (288218) noxydrip (143) oc x oc (12330) pegasus oc (3279) plot (69122) raised tail (12637) shipping (176875) signature (17453) smiling (202260) stallion (86102) tail (17055) underhoof (44978) wavy mouth (3181) wings (65358)


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