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i felt like drawing these guys as babies for whatever reason.

Nova has been grumpy straight out of the womb, and those big-ass eyebrows don't help

Sunlight Harmony's time as a baby was spent napping like 80% of the time, while the remaining 20% was spent acting like a horrible kitten (jumping everywhere and getting into everything, if you've ever owned a pet kitten you'd understand what i mean).

Dissonance was basically the perfect baby. she was super fucking cute and the whole of Equestria's favorite baby. even-tempered and so so good to her parents.
safe (1522252) artist:butteredpawpcorn (35) oc (572932) oc:nova (240) oc:princess dissonance (6) oc:sunlight harmony (5) draconequus (7911) dracony (5290) dragon (44396) hybrid (13852) pony (796838) baby (8356) beanbrows (497) colt (12767) cousins (553) cute (167156) draconequus oc (1175) eyebrows (2193) eyes closed (75563) female (846350) filly (56622) fluffy (12334) freckles (23712) interspecies offspring (5896) magical lesbian spawn (9369) male (288134) ocbetes (3939) offspring (31975) parent:discord (2659) parent:princess celestia (1746) parent:princess ember (280) parent:princess luna (1813) parents:dislestia (795) parents:emberluna (4) siblings (5035) simple background (324186) sisters (6666) tongue out (84886) white background (81194)


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