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It's finally finished!!! s2
Stardust — StarlightxSunburst (Old)
ThunderWind — RainbowxSoarin
Silver Heart — TwilightxFlash (Old)
Starry Sky — TwilightxFlash (Old)
Ricotta Pie — PinkiexCheese
Saphire — RarityxFancy Pants
Sugar Bell — PinkiexCheese (Old)

Base By :iconemeraldjeweltm:
safe1555850 artist:brendalobinha56 artist:emeraldjeweltm5 oc593913 oc:ricotta pie2 oc:sapphire93 oc:stardust244 oc:starry sky13 oc:sugar bell1 oc:thunderwind6 alicorn191072 earth pony190630 pegasus232558 pony827044 unicorn257754 brother and sister3453 female880143 group2799 male299186 mare404468 next generation5941 offspring33620 parent:cheese sandwich1585 parent:fancypants705 parent:flash sentry2492 parent:pinkie pie3510 parent:rainbow dash4876 parent:rarity3463 parent:soarin'2122 parent:starlight glimmer1111 parent:sunburst847 parent:twilight sparkle7109 parents:cheesepie1367 parents:flashlight2149 parents:raripants488 parents:soarindash1605 parents:starburst399 pony pile684 siblings5672 sisters7020 stallion90400 tower of pony190


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Background Pony #50C6
@Rainboom Dash
That's pretty much the usual. People use bases and credit the base maker, not the original artist. I rarely see it any other way.