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I totally forgot to post these drawings from my Love Poisons art panel i hosted at @HarmonyPonyCon ❤️❤️❤️ these sold at the charity auction, and it was so much fun to host!

I really want to host this panel at other cons in the future! Would anybody be interested in seeing that? https://t.co/jVZOqaEflW
safe1599254 artist:cadetredshirt404 mudbriar748 pinkie pie205838 earth pony210367 pony868357 action lines8 angry24649 angry tears6 anti-shipping214 bored1380 crying40516 ear fluff24628 furious314 imminent death2302 imminent violence25 ink drawing688 love poison112 meme79233 oblivious406 paper3005 rage1376 rage face405 stick636 traditional art110111 yelling2846


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