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Alde is a rude child and eats her schoolbooks… something Dash + Flutters has to gently explain Not To Do. Meanwhile Hueswift is just Annoyed her little sister is so weird.

Just a doodle from a drawpile I attempted to color/clean up a bit! I've been thinkin Alot abt my flutterdash fam lately,, these gays + their kids make me happy aaa
safe (1523126) artist:sutexii (103) fluttershy (192604) rainbow dash (213834) oc (573589) oc:alde (1) oc:hueswift (1) manticore (507) pegasus (221516) pony (797766) adopted offspring (939) book (29255) cutie mark (37895) female (847361) flutterdash (4169) glasses (51959) grass (7646) lesbian (89003) magical lesbian spawn (9382) next generation (5740) offspring (32006) parent:fluttershy (3736) parent:rainbow dash (4706) parents:flutterdash (254) shipping (176970) smiling (202436) tree (26034) wings (65486)


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