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Originally posted on: December 19, 2017
I don't have a fully shaded drawing to submit this week aaaaaa
but expect a lot of DTA entries next week,, maybe

anybutts,, here's a dump of drawings that was clogging up my tablet :'>
Course, this'nt all of it. //I'm not showing those publicly tho plslsls

Some gifts/owed art in there, but here's two that you should recognize bc they're amazing people >>;0
An oc that belongs to @/sugarysharky
Two ocs (and trying to emulate their style) belongs to @/HamsterMelons (formerly moetomoe)

extra note, the cringy buff werewolf with the light brown background was inspired by this
Maybe I'll compile more drawings next year,, who kn o w s S

Next art dump , june hol dump >>
safe (1525625) artist:mcwolfity (187) oc (575132) oc only (394291) anthro (219572) bat pony (40724) cat (4968) digitigrade anthro (1210) dog (8088) earth pony (180628) pegasus (222560) pony (800507) unicorn (244423) wolf (1176) anthro with ponies (1954) armpits (39946) bat pony oc (12749) chest fluff (30059) clothes (388919) ear fluff (21291) earth pony oc (1851) eyes closed (75886) female (850396) flower (20722) flower in hair (6114) hair over one eye (7760) heart (41408) heart eyes (13296) helmet (9017) hoers mask (276) horn (36423) jewelry (46309) kissing (21660) leonine tail (6678) lineart (18095) mare (389319) mask (5038) necklace (14093) onomatopoeia (2901) pegasus oc (3371) petting (1602) pictogram (1744) planet (1014) salute (917) shorts (11365) sketch (56948) skirt (34054) space (4378) stretching (1950) unicorn oc (3275) wingding eyes (18136) wings (65967)


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