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Originally posted on: March 5, 2018
Realizing that despite the fact I have shared all other refs to the cast of the blog about this abomination, I never got around to put up BUTTERS' own ref. Weird

Anyways, might as well share it too. Although he's definitely the simplest designed character. Helps avoiding any messes of colourscheme and mane styles by having none.

Not much else to say beyond this is the weird main character of a parody blog that's just about being silly with random characters, focused around an inbred alicorn with no fur, hair or teeth and no brains.


Butters the Alicorn © Me

Butters the Alicorn:

Butters the Alicorn by RavenpuffTimothy the Fragment by RavenpuffAtjour Service the Maid by RavenpuffNutjob the Mental Patient by RavenpuffHunter the Dayguard by RavenpuffGlimmershine the Crystal Guard by Ravenpuff

>>> More Butters & Co. Art and Comics <<<
safe1556368 artist:ravenpuff1127 oc594273 oc only404421 oc:butters54 oc:sir reginald butterscop pendragon iv jr.54 alicorn191207 pony827508 :p7029 alicorn oc21533 bald1145 featherless wings15 furless133 looking up13775 male299359 solo959991 stallion90462 text49884 tongue out88648 wings72175


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Background Pony #00A7
Was he named after this character?