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Originally posted on: March 14, 2017
Ref of new OC, who also doubles as new cast member on my Butters the Alicorn blog.

Hunter his a bat pony in the dayguard, just to show some diversity. He's a goofy yet dedicated floofball who takes pride in his work but also knows to take things chill. Also he's a total cinnamon roll, even if he can totally kick your butt.

I adore him already, I must admit. Ain't he just a cutie?

Hunter © Me

Butters the Alicorn © Me

Butters the Alicorn:
Butters the Alicorn by Ravenpuff

Timothy the Fragment by Ravenpuff

Atjour Service the Maid by Ravenpuff

Nutjob the Mental Patient by Ravenpuff

Hunter the Dayguard by Ravenpuff

Glimmershine the Crystal Guard by Ravenpuff

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