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A new request from 'superfun'. Hope you enjoy! :)

During their time at the Starswirl Music Festival, Sonata Dusk has finally grown tired of Aria Blaze’s constant negative attitude and has been trying everything she can to get her older sister to loosen up ad be more cheerful and carefree. However, all of her attempts end up failing and only seem to put Aria in an even worse mood than when they arrived. Frustrated, Sonata is about to give up when she remembers something that she learned during her time at Canterlot High. After digging a golden pocket watch out of one of the drawers in the tour bus kitchen, the blue-haired Siren plans to hypnotize Aria to change her current personality and replace it with one that’s similar to her own. However, before she enacts this plan, she decides to test her abilities on Adagio (who is conveniently sitting on the nearby couch, reading a magazine) just to make sure her skills as a hypnotist aren’t rusty. Thankfully, this doesn’t turn out to be the case as Sonata is successful in placing Adagio under her hypnotic control and even orders the eldest Siren to act like a cat. Upon hearing this command, Adagio collapses onto all fours and starts meowing as she bats around a nearby ball of twine. Around this time, Aria returns from watching one of the other bands and expresses confusion upon seeing her eldest sister behaving like a cat. She questions Sonata about this, but the youngest Siren simply hops off the bus, stand in front of her sister, and starts swinging the pocket watch in front of her eyes as she begins inducting the purple-hued girl into a trance. Aria (who has no idea what’s going on) tells Sonata to knock it off, but quickly finds herself succumbing to the hypnosis as her body relaxes and her mind grows blank and open to Sonata’s suggestions….

Once Aria has been fully entranced, Sonata tells her sister that when she wakes up, she will be as perky and carefree as she is and will never be a ‘sourpuss’ ever again, effectively erasing her normal negative demeanor. Once Aria accepts ‘Madame’ Sonata’s reprogramming (a small smile tugging at her lips as she does), the blue-haired girl awakens her older sister with a finger snap and is pleased to see that the conditioning worked. Aria is now sporting a big grin as she excitedly asks the younger Siren what she wants to do that evening, to which Sonata replies that they should spend the next few hours watching Adagio (who is still under hypnosis in the bus) act like a cat. Aria gladly agrees to this, adding that she is going to get the two of them a plate of tacos for the occasion, which greatly excites Sonata. As she watches her sister skip over to a nearby taco stand, Sonata smiles at her success, knowing that she has forever changed Aria’s life for the better……
safe1555249 edit114551 edited screencap53951 editor:thomasfan45194 screencap195170 aria blaze9094 human139858 equestria girls177306 equestria girls series28006 sunset's backstage pass!1997 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11442 1000 hours in ms paint4785 ascot266 clothes400863 cropped42787 cute173513 description is relevant746 disguise3818 disguised siren437 eyeshadow12650 female879360 hypnosis2878 hypnotized1304 implied sonata dusk34 jacket10531 makeup17128 mental shift84 offscreen character28730 pendulum swing297 personality change35 pigtails3762 pocket watch320 polka dots137 request3477 smiling209770 solo959153 speech bubble20038 starswirl music festival14 story included7552 tour bus40 twintails1375


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