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safe1704031 artist:elementbases384 artist:itsnatcherx13 starlight glimmer48580 sunset shimmer62913 pony965317 unicorn322224 alternate hairstyle28025 base used19739 blushing197214 box4621 bush2687 crying43496 cute199422 eye contact6485 female1360838 glimmerbetes3829 grass9641 grin38407 holiday20126 kneeling8695 lesbian96841 looking at each other20163 mare479403 marriage proposal532 raised hoof45520 ring3257 shimmerbetes4380 shimmerglimmer438 shipping199978 smiling247621 tears of joy2511 tree32181 valentine's day3586


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Plot twist.

Luster Dawn is Sunset and Starlight's child. Not Sunburst's.

Huh, why did only a few people think of that? That's a pretty solid headcanon. (Except Spike not knowing Luster before, that doesn't make sense.)