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safe1558255 artist:tjpones3099 oc595778 oc only405372 oc:brownie bun948 oc:richard378 earth pony191808 human140178 pony829313 horse wife705 bald1156 bust39486 chest fluff31676 comic100285 dialogue59052 dio brando323 female882329 grayscale35852 high res20884 jewelry49346 jojo's bizarre adventure2453 looking at you141072 male299818 mare405731 monochrome146538 necklace14826 newspaper1537 pearl necklace981 simple background338921 straight120336 this will end in mild embarrassment1 white background85080


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17 comments posted
Background Pony #43CF
Lol that is a good one saying she rejects her humanity
when she is born as a pony.
Background Pony #1EAB
I always figured they'd call it "equinity". But now lots of creatures have been given a share of the spotlight who aren't even equids, so I just don't even know at this point.
Background Pony #6442
She rejects your reality and substitutes her own, which has more peanut butter.
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Word Bug
Local man does thing not related to comic — source
A local man has done a thing that you might expect would be in a paper, but really it's just something to fill space. I mean, what is he even holding? A brick? Well, anyways, here's the point the text just becomes scribbles.
Background Pony #C38D
TJ's been doing a lot of Brownie Bun lately.

-and I for one hope he keeps going. Things change and everything, but I really do miss the Horsewife days.