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“Eight down, and only several dozen more to go,” Rarity sighed contently as she tossed away another freshly emptied box towards her small but growing pile, having just stuffed herself with its crème-filled chocolatey delights.

Being home alone on Valentine’s Day certainly had its perks. With her parents out to dinner and her little sister on her first date, she had the whole night to herself. Dressed for the occasion, she simply wanted to lay back and enjoy her many gifts from her secret admirers.

Opalescence meowed from her cat tree as she looked down at the stack chocolates below her. “Oh, Opal. You know those aren’t for you,” Rarity chuckled as she lightly stroked her bloated belly. “As the old saying goes, curiosity killed the cat.” Opal simply purred back.

“Besides, you wouldn’t want me to starve, now would you?” Rarity continued to tease as she rolled her heavy body onto her side. The sofa creaked and bent under her weight while her massively fleshy belly poured over the edge, hanging just mere inches from the ground. “Look at me, I’m practically wasting away.” As she playfully shook her heavy belly, she could feel the rest of her immense figure bouncing along. Her thighs and bum quaked, her breasts and arms wobbled. She even felt her chubby face jiggle quite a bit.

“Well, I better get through all these before you do.” With a feeling of hunger sneaking its way back, Rarity reached out for another box of chocolates and laid back once again, letting her soft pillow of a body takes its time to settle. “As you can see, it is getting harder to myself full these days.”

Dropping down from the cat tower, Opal continued to ignore her.

“Not like I have anything better to do on Valentine’s Day,” Rarity continued to drone on, mindlessly popping chocolates into her mouth. “Which is fine, I suppose. I’m not the only one who’s single today. there’s Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie, Fluttershy… Sunset, I think… Applejack… Um…”

Rarity stopped, lost in thought.

Suddenly realizing her mind was wandering, she shook it off. “Well… in any case, I couldn’t ask for a better night. Isn’t that right, Opal?”

As she looked towards her cat, she finds that not only did Opal manage to open up a box, she was also carrying a chocolate truffle in her mouth.

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27 comments posted
Background Pony #3648
@Background Pony #594E
Well, there was a previous blog post that said something about emotions accelerating the fattening process or something like that (the reason why Fluttershy and Applejack rocketed ahead of everyone else at first). Would not be surprised if Rarity’s newfound love of her fatness had a similar effect.

In which case, not only will she likely become an immobile blob, but I bet relishing immobility will only speed things up from there.
Posted Report
Background Pony #594E
hey Neon, quick question: how big are you planning to make Rarity? she'll be just a immobile blob sooner or later
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@Background Pony #1EC7
If you look through my faves, it's pretty clear that I love me some Rarijack! So, I haven't exactly been subtle about it. 😅

Sunsetsparkle is a ship I'm still playing around with. But I'll tell you right now, Scootadash is definitely NOT happening.
Background Pony #1EC7
So is this the start of the Rarijack arc many of us have been waiting for?

In the blog, I noticed hints of unrequited Sunsetsparkle and possible Scootadash. Any chance of either of those going anywhere?

Hey i'm Sunset
Woah! Damn Rarity is huge, but looks gorgeous she really wears all that weight well. She’s loving herself and her fat and is just enjoying life. She’s big and sexy man what a women.
Background Pony #3648
And Rarity has officially fallen in love with her fat. Just how I like ‘em.