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Hasbro has confirmed that Scootaloo was born with stunted wings, which were strong enough to propel her on her scooter, but not strong enough for sustained flight.

But Scootaloo refused to let her infirmity define her, and as she grew up, she not only became a teacher at The School of Friendship, but also one of the foremost scooter athletes in Equestria!

Her tenacity, courage and self-respect went on to inspire hundreds of handicapped ponies across Equestria to follow their dreams, and Rainbow Dash has never been prouder of her little buddy.
safe (1526531) artist:jamestkelley (92) scootaloo (48349) pegasus (222906) pony (801380) black and white (11147) cutie mark (38076) fast (128) flapping (648) flapping wings (35) grayscale (34127) helmet (9023) intense (59) monochrome (142817) motion lines (393) older (21655) older scootaloo (1514) scootaloo can't fly (518) scooter (1145) smiling (203261) solo (939602) traditional art (105329) wings (66118) wonderbolts (3308)


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